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Family grants

Guidelines for applicants


Purpose of funding

Who can apply?

Amount and duration of grants

The criteria used to assess appeals



How to apply for funding


Purpose of funding

The Trustees have decided to focus their funding for families on the issue of domestic abuse.  Trustees recognise that problematic relationships between adults lie at the heart of the most serious difficulties experienced by parents and their children.  Abuse in the home is damaging to everyone, but Trustees particularly acknowledge that there is a pervasive impact on children, and one that can affect them into adulthood.  Trustees will consider projects that work with survivors and/or perpetrators of domestic abuse.

The Trustees will consider applications for recurrent funding over several years and for “core” running costs.  Unfortunately, the Trustees are not able to accept appeals for work in women’s or men's refuges because of our limited funds.


Who can apply?

The Trustees prefer to fund registered charities (exceptionally, organisations that are applying for charitable status can be considered).  Trustees tend to offer grants to smaller, grass-roots organisations. The Trustees very much welcome appeals from groups in England , Scotland and Wales. The emphasis of their giving is on areas outside London , South-east England.  The Trust does not generally respond to appeals from large and well-supported charities. Branches of network organisations are not funded. The Trustees welcome applications from Black and Minority Ethnic community groups.


Amount and duration of grants

The maximum grant is £5,000 per year for up to three years. 


The criteria used to assess appeals

When assessing appeals, Trustees look for evidence that applicants can demonstrate the following:

  • an ethos of family support 

  • a recognition that all parents have something to offer and want what is best for their children as well as some having needs to be addressed

  • evidence that family views and expertise are valued in the organisation

  • attention to outcomes (not only what the project does, but what difference it makes to people’s life).

Your appeal is more likely to be successful if you are able to briefly describe:

1.     how you identified the need for your proposal

2.     your track record in doing related work

3.     how you will know that your work has benefitted, or will benefit, the people who need your help

4.  how you ensure the safety of the people you are supporting when you are working with them



In addition to our list of general exclusions please note that grants are not made for:

  • advice centres

  • counselling for individuals

  • the elderly

  • expeditions, exchanges, holidays, study tours, visits

  • housing and homelessness

  • grants are not made to INDIVIDUALS for any purpose

  • organisations set up primarily to treat medical conditions, physical disabilities or mental health issues

  • contribution to a specific salaried post



Applications can be made at any time. It can take up to six months to assess an application.  Successful applicants will be informed in writing.  The Trustees’ focus on allocating as much as possible of their limited funds for grant-making and limiting administrative expenses means that applications are not acknowledged and no replies are sent to unsuccessful appeals. The Trust will not discuss applications on the telephone or correspond about rejected appeals.


How to apply for funding

There is no application form.  If you wish to make an appeal please send a short letter (1-2 pages) outlining your case for funding.  Please mention that you have read this website and  show how your work fits into our guidelines.  The appeal should include your  charity registration number and the name of the organisation to which cheques should be made payable if different from that at the head of the appeal letter.  Please also include:

a)                budget for current and following year

b)                details of funding already received, promised or applied for from other sources

c)        latest annual report / accounts in the shortest available form.


Please send your appeal to:

The Administrator

The Noel Buxton Trust

PO Box 520

Fleet GU51 9GX.

Thank you for reading these guidelines.  If you decide to make an appeal, please note that the Trustees receive many more appeals than they can fund.  This means, regrettably, that they have to turn down some requests, even though the proposed work falls within these guidelines. 






Registered Charity Number:  220881