The Noel Buxton Trust  Grant making since 1919

What we fund


When Lord Noel-Buxton set up the Trust in 1919, he intended to foster a ‘world wide view of human welfare and a belief that it can be affected by human action’.  The Trustees today remain committed to this broad aim, and fulfil it by supporting voluntary and community based organisations in Great Britain and in some of the most vulnerable parts of Africa.  

The Trust has a long-standing concern for the welfare of both families and prisoners, and its work in Britain continues to focus on these areas.  In Africa, the Trustees seek to support community-led organisations working to build local sustainable livelihoods.  In all three areas, the Trustees have an interest in funding work which, although pressing, does not easily attract funding from other sources.

Each area of funding has specific guidelines and exclusions.  Please read them carefully if you wish to make an appeal.  An appeal is more likely to be successful when the applicant shows how the work fits within our guidelines.

Guidelines for Africa grants

Guidelines for Family grants  with a focus on domestic abuse

Guidelines for Penal grants



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